Yoga and wellness

Yoga and wellness

One of the best places where to do your yoga training is Spain. Yoga courses are offering traditional vinyasa or hatha courses, not only for advanced yogis, but also for beginners.

There are many options at gorgeous locations in Tenerife to do yoga, you can even experience a unique yoga training by the sea.

As there are spacious terraced balconies in our apartments (25 square meters) and a large roof area (100square meters), here you can enjoy besides sunbathing also exercises yoga anytime, whether during the day, at sunrise or sunset with a magnificent ocean view.

If you prefer to go for a massage, whirlpool or even meditation, you will be surprised with a wide range of possibilities in Tenerife.

The word „yoga“, means union, in other words union between body, mind and spirit. Yoga is a practical science working on the physical and energetic body in order to accomplish control on the mind. Enjoy your yoga training right by the sea where you will surely feel the flow of energy and remember this moment forever.