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The only Czech flight carrier offering a direct flights for fair prices! Travel Service is the largest Czech airline company. Travel Service operates regular flights under the SmartWings, brand, charter flights and private flights in the Business Jet category. Travel Service planes are flying to more than 400 airports on 4 continents. Travel Service is present on market not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, where the company has its subsidiary companies.

The goal of bout companies is to guarantee you maximum safety and comfort during the flight, to offer high quality services and, simultaneously, a competitive advantage with interesting prices.

Travel Service ensures a safe operation of its aircrafts, it strictly complies with all safety regulations and for transport of its clients it uses a very modern fleet of aircrafts, which is properly maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and also in accordance with the maintenance schedule approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.

I want to book my SmartWings flight ticket

SmartWings, Travel Service’s brand for regular flights, offers:

  • attractive destinations
  • reasonable prices,
  • flights to major airports
  • checked-in baggage up to 15 kg + cabin baggage up to 8 kg are included in the price of the flight ticket

Every summer season SmartWings regularly comes with the extended range of new attractive destinations and with increased number of flights to most of its destinations.

You can buy your flight ticket at this webpage:, or you can use the booking centre, at travel agency or at the counter located at the Prague’s airport.

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To 7Lizards Ocean View Apartment resort with SHUTTLEDIRECT

Tenerife has two airports so if you’re travelling independently make sure you know where you’ll be landing. Tenerife South Airport (formerly Reina Sofía Airport) lies about 60km south of the island’s capital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and about 20km east of the popular holiday resorts of Las Americas, Los Cristianos and Los Gigantes. All holiday flights from northern Europe arrive here with total passenger number approaching 9 million annually.

There’s also a Tenerife North Airport (previously Los Rodeos Airport) near Santa Cruz which caters for a large volume of flights to the neighbouring Canary Islands and the Spanish mainland. Tenerife is an all year round tourist destination which attracts many flights from most major tour operators and the industry’s best known budget airlines.

Tenerife SUR Airport Transfers by ShuttleDirect

This airport lies 20km east of Playa de las Americas. The journey to 7Lizards Ocean View Apartment Resort takes less than 40 minutes All international charter flights land here as well as most scheduled flights from the Spanish mainland. This will most likely be your point of arrival.

Tenerife NORTE Airport Transfers by ShuttleDirect

The older Tenerife Norte Los Rodeos Airport is in the north of the island offering easy access to the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The journey to 7Lizards Ocean View Apartment Resort takes less than 60 minutes.


Most arrivals are internal flights from other Canary Islands although a few international flights do land here. The chances are that you won’t be landing here. If you do, however, here are the main ways to get to your final destination. ShuttleDirect: A popular alternative to public buses is to pre-book a Tenerife airport transfer with a specialised shuttle bus operator.

Shuttledirect offers cheap shuttle transfers from the both airports to all the main resorts including Los Cristianos, Las Americas and Los Gigantes. They can provide vehicles for all group sizes. They’ll have a driver waiting for you and they cater for all destinations and group!

Another transfer options – public bus transportation or taxi


  • Full comprehensive insurance
  • Full/Full fuel policy
  • Continuous fleet renewal
  • Payment on destination
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Free cancellation
  • Final price, no surprises
  • Wide network of offices

Our advice is to plan your holiday ahead and to reserve a car in advance. That gives you everything you need from your car at the best rates possible. Several companies also occasionally run offers, especially at weekends, so you can benefit from it and rent a car at lower prices without booking in advance. We recommend you to look on the COMAUTO Rent a Car company sites, to see the prices and discounted offers.

15 years of experience…

COMAUTO Rent a Car is a company formed by a group of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the car business and its main focus is to continue offering the cheapest prices and the most solid services in car hire in the island of Tenerife.

The most competitive prices and much more…

Always a good deal with COMAUTO Rent a Car… There do not exist intermediaries, such as a travel agency or a rental car comparator in the company. It means that the savings go to our customers instead of being offered to those companies. And if that is not enough, all the rates are “all inclusive”, meaning, that the COMAUTO Rent a Car does not charge any extra fees, when picking up the vehicle.

A fleet in constant renewal…

The company renews its fleet constantly, which, together with an extensive car rental area in Tenerife, allows them to ensure safe and efficient driving at all times. Its customers can choose from a wide range of vehicles from the Citroën Brand. Satisfaction, security and enjoyment are its reason to be and the best advertising for COMAUTO Rent a Car.

Airport Transfers by COMAUTO Rent a Car

It is possible to be provided with the Airport Transfer at the start of your trip or at its end, so do not forget to inform the company staff about it in case of your interest. Be aware of the fact, that it is paid service and that the company does that for its customers only. It means to you pick-up at the airport on the way to our office while arriving to the island and to drop you off at the airport on the way from our office to the airport before leaving the island.


COMAUTO Rent a Car has tried to build an agile and flexible company, with a capacity for change and renewal in the face of every need and demand of its clients, the market and the company. For this, the company assembled a team with an excellent training, totally customer-oriented and always with the purpose of guaranteeing the maximum level of attention and satisfaction of its clients.

COMAUTO Rent a Car comes with air conditioning, unlimited mileage and a full tank of petrol. You’ll have to make sure to refill the tank before returning the car to avoid being charged extra.

When picking up your car, check it out before leaving the shop. Make sure it’s clean and that there aren’t any smells, dents or scratches and that the tank is full. If you have any queries, ask one of the employees to make a note of what you’ve seen. This way, you won’t be blamed for it when returning the car. Try to return the car to the hire shop when you’re supposed to. COMAUTO Rent a CAR company generally gives you a courtesy hour when returning your car. However, try to account for this in advance so you don’t arrive any later than that. Finally, someone will take a look at the car and check if you’ve filled the tank. If there aren’t any issues to sort out, then you’re free to leave after such a check.